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About Oralis360

About Oralis360 Interdental Brushes

Oralis360 interdental brushes were designed by a Melbourne Periodontist, Dr Simon Hinckfuss. Initially he designed and manufactured them just for his own patients in Collins St, Melbourne but now has made them available to other dentists and the public. After becoming frustrated with commonly available interdental brushes that proved to be either low quality or prohbitively expensive, Dr Hinckfuss designed the Oralis360 interdental brush using the highest quality specifications and materials at a sensible price that makes it possible for all patients to use them on a daily basis. 

Premium Quality Materials

Oralis 360 interdental brushes are made of premium materials. The bristles are Dupont nylon with rounded ends. They are super-soft allowing thorough frequent use for optimal cleaning without damaging your gums. The wire is German made nylon-coated high strength stainless steel for maximum durability and flexibility.


Each brush has its own protective cap to enable it to be kept hygeinic between use. We know that some patients want to carry their brush in their pocket, purse or wallet during the day. The wires are designed to ensure each brush can be used many times but as a general guide we recommend that you consider changing your brush after a week or two. Do not put the cap back on when the brush is still wet after use. Allow it to dry first.


Once you start using interdental brushes you are on the way to taking control of your dental health. We recognize that patients are busy, so have designed a simple system of brush sizes that makes using our interdental brushes easy to integrate into your daily oral care routine. Other Interdental brushes that are smaller than our Oralis360 Small size may be flimsy and prone to bending; that is why we do not make ultra small sizes. For gaps where our Oralis360 Small size does not fit, we recommend you keep your life simple and just use floss. Floss is usually very effective in small spaces. If in doubt, please check with your dentist, hygienist or Periodontist.



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